Wynne Construction Report

This is the report GGE produced for Wynne Construction which enabled them to go on and win over £14,000,000 in new business.

Let us show you how your business can secure millions in new tender opportunities in the next 12 months.

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– Net Zero Consulting

Getting started is easy.

First, we answer your questions on net zero then take time to understand the goals and objectives of your business.

A dedicated senior consultant will be assigned to work with you and your team 1:1 throughout the entire process.

In just 4 weeks, our team will:

  1. Accurately measure your current carbon footprint
  2. Perform a thorough analysis of the results
  3. Create a customised carbon reduction plan
  4. Develop a strategy to implement the plan and achieve “net zero”

With over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, we have a track record of success with a diverse range of clients and a 100% successful compliance history.

Together, we can ensure your business is reaping the rewards of sustainable practices.

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