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Lower your Carbon Footprint and prevent climate change.

Wynne Construction Sustainability Report and decarbonisation plan to reach Net Zero

Sustainability is an intelligent business decision.

At GGE, we have the knowledge to help our clients create a robust strategy to help prepare for Net Zero in 2050.

Our sustainability team will ensure compliance with your ESG requirements and position you to capitalise on the benefits of reaching net zero.

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We are already beginning to see the tangible benefits of producing a Net Zero plan and having a lower carbon footprint.

Richard Wynne – Director

Get the sustainability report that helped Richard win £14m in new business.

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Getting started is easy.

Every sustainability challenge is unique. We specialise in turning your ambitions into actions.

Book a call today, our UK sustainability team will answer your questions on Net Zero then take time to understand the goals and objectives of your business.

Work with us and in just 4 weeks, we will:

  1. Gather all environmental & energy data from your supply chain
  2. Accurately measure your current carbon footprint
  3. Perform a thorough analysis of the results
  4. Create a customised carbon reduction plan
  5. Develop a strategy to implement the plan and achieve “net zero” and become a more sustainable company.

With over 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector, we have a market-leading track record of success with a diverse range of projects and a 100% successful compliance history.

We have the knowledge to ensure you take the right climate action and accelerate towards Net Zero.

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Transform Your Business Future

When you work with GGE to achieve Net Zero, you will receive more than just a report that sits on a shelf.

We will support you with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help you take the lead in your sector in the race to Net Zero.

We are here to help make your compliance journey as easy and efficient as possible.

GGE's Sustainability software
Our proprietary software platform simplifies the process of achieving net zero.

Streamline your data management, monitor your carbon emissions, and fulfil compliance obligations.

Your Net Zero Package Includes:

  • A comprehensive Net Zero Report
  • Competitor benchmarking to understand your position in the market
  • A GGE-hosted Employee Engagement Week to educate and engage your team
  • A Supply Chain Engagement Away Day to align your partners and suppliers with your Net Zero goals
  • An analysis of employee travel and work-from-home practices
  • Access to our Go Green Supplier List™ of vetted and trusted sustainable suppliers
  • Internal and external press releases to communicate your progress and achievements

Our goal is not only to help you reach your Net Zero targets but also to generate a positive return on investment for your business far into the future.

Let us help you unlock the many opportunities of going green. Book your free introductory call today.

Commercially Minded Sustainability Advisors

GGE specialise in providing sustainability consulting services to a diverse range of clients across the UK and Europe. Including, private businesses, public limited companies, pension funds, energy companies and organisations within the public sector.

We specialise in scaling sustainability solutions across a number of sectors, including development, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, engineering and mobility.

Companies appreciate our ability to balance commercial considerations with a commitment to sustainability.

Partner with us to streamline your company operations and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the shift towards a low-carbon economy.

Examples of our sustainability work

Harrison Clark Rickerby is a fast-growing and successful legal firm with 14 offices across the UK.

They came to us via referral in 2022, with a desire to set a Net Zero target and develop a detailed carbon reduction plan for two reasons:

1. Phillip Parkinson, a partner of the firm, is committed to HCR becoming one of the most sustainable law firms in the UK.

2. The firm was increasingly being asked for their carbon output information on tender documentation.

We commenced a full audit of the HCR offices, equipment, suppliers, and travel. To ensure comprehensive data gathering for HCR, we aided them in employee travel and home-working carbon output assessment.

With the information gleaned from the audit, we produced a detailed carbon footprint report for all 14 HCR offices, which was also summarised into an overall carbon footprint for the whole company. From this, we agreed on an action plan divided into short, medium and long-term initiatives with targets of HCR achieving Net Zero carbon by 2040, an interim target of 72% reduction by 2032, and shorter-term aims of carbon emission reduction by 39% by 2025.