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The GGE Carbon Reporting Platform: Your Key to ESOS Success

Our platform makes managing, analyzing, and acting on your ESOS data a breeze. We’re here to help you comply with the complex legislation landscape with ease.

What is ESOS?

ESOS, the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, is a UK government initiative aimed at promoting energy efficiency among large companies. Since 2014, it has been a legal requirement for all such enterprises to regularly assess their energy usage every 4 years and identify energy savings opportunities. The next deadline for ESOS (Phase 3) compliance is 5th June 2024.

GGE Guarantees:

  • 100% legal compliance
  • Fast and accurate reporting
  • Increased stakeholder trust
  • A full energy overview to help you target operational cost efficiencies
  • Tailored services to meet your specific business needs
  • Top tier ESOS audits to ensure success

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