Sales – B2C

Increased Sales & Customer Loyalty

67% of British consumers are more likely to support brands that combine a great product with a powerful social purpose. And this figure is increasing fast year on year [Source: PR Week]

Sales – B2B

Increased Tender Bid Success

Over 70% of local authorities & councils have committed to Net zero and they are changing their tender documentation to require a carbon plan. 100s of businesses are doing the same

Selling online

A simple way to increase trust online

Since Covid-19 consumers and business are doing most of their buying research and making purchases online. You need a simple way to convey trust in your brand, and the words “Carbon Neutral Certified” do this in a very clear way

Appealing Marketing Material

The journey of going carbon neutral is great for Marketing

As we help you execute your 12 month plan you will be able to provide regular updates on social media, and you will have a wealth of Marketing opportunities from your forest offset investment

Engage your employees

Work with your employees on “higher purpose vision”

Yes all businesses need to make money. But many employees want to work somewhere that has a “higher purpose”. Becoming carbon neutral is a perfect vehicle for that

Reduce your costs

We help you identify waste in your business

Less waste means you use less and so you save money while doing your bit for the planet