Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ongoing costs after the initial 12 months?  

  1. Remaining compliant with SBTi requires that your carbon footprint is measured annually, progress is monitored against your carbon reduction plan, and your plan is updated based on learnings over the year
  2. To do a good job on the above  requires us to support our clients by a similar amount each year, and therefore we will quote the same amount again in the second year. More focus in future years is around helping you lower your footprint consistently after the quick wins have been delivered
  3. Alternatively, we have longer term agreements available (3 years and 5 years) which work out cheaper each year

What does £950 per day for the ongoing support get us?  What do you anticipate this being? 

So the first thing to say is that the quote for the report we have given you will give you what you need, even if we need to do a bit more work in year 1 to help get it into good shape.

The £950 would only be for optional additional things you might want. For example, a 2 day workshop with your management team. Or an analysis of the carbon offset market if you wanted to say you were carbon neutral (which is not necessary for the SBTi standard but which some clients like to do voluntarily)

Alternatively, we can quote you a fixed price for each additional piece of work you may ask for, such as an ISO14001 audit

What accreditation do we receive that will be asked for in public procurement? 

You will be certified by Go Green Experts as having a carbon footprint calculation, carbon reduction plan, and Net Zero targets aligned to the Science Based Targets Initiative Standard for SMEs . This is all that is required for public procurement. This is what we did for Wynne construction and they have since won £14m of tender bids as a result.
We will also help you fill in the tender documentation if you wish as part of the quote, we won’t charge you extra – again we did this for Wynne
If you want, you can also submit your target commitments into the SBTi organisation itself, and they ratify that the targets are compliant and log you on their public database. The SBTi charge $2k for this and have a long backlog of applications. We would say this is a nice to have rather than essential and do not believe it will increase your score in tenders. If you did want to do this we can help you with the application as part of our quote, we won’t charge you extra. (of course you will need to pay the SBTi $2k fee)

Having a net zero plan is increasingly important as climate regulations evolve. You want a pragmatic and commercially minded consultancy to guide you towards net zero.

Choose a partner which understands your priorities


Our whole business is focussed on helping SMEs reach net zero.


Our net zero consultant advice is always aligned to your business objectives.


We don’t use jargon and we keep our advice actionable and concise.


We tell you clearly what will happen when you bring us into your business.