Best practice is to minimise your own footprint as much as possible before offsetting

This is because offset programmes generally have to run for a number of years before they have offset the greenhouse gas emissions you put into the atmosphere in year 1.

We engage closely with our clients to reduce their emissions as much as possible before we recommend offsetting.  We have researched the offsetting marketing carefully, enabling us to recommend the best offsetting programmes for your business.

Our Carbon Offsetting Partner

We work closely with our carbon offsetting partner and the Wooodland Trust “on the ground” on forest management and tree planting projects in the U.K.

We currently have 3 separate UK tree planting projects for you to choose from, that have available carbon credits for purchase.

We work on your behalf to obtain carbon credits for the specific project you wish to invest in.  This investment provides piece of mind and strong marketing message for your business.

Projects are verified to the Woodland Carbon Code Standard and the carbon credits are retied on the Markit registry in your company name.

In addition to capturing CO2 our 3 U.K. Woodland projects also deliver other tangible benefits on the ground including:

  • Biodiversity
  • Landscape
  • Flood management
  • Water quality
  • Recreation

All projects are Woodland Carbon Code Certified

Compliance with the Code means that buyers can be assured that:

  • That the right trees have been planted, in the right place
  • The woodlands are responsibly and sustainably managed to the UK Forestry Standard, and are protected in the long term
  • The carbon capture estimates are project specific, based on sound science, and risk adjusted
  • The woodland has been independently audited and verified
  • The trees would not be there but for the intervention of Forest Carbon and its partners

Each project developed under the Code is registered with the independent Markit Registry, a leading provider of global carbon and environmental credit registry services. Projects are certified to ISO standards by a UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited third party and an ongoing monitoring programme for the woodlands is agreed between the parties. Carbon credits that arise from certified projects appear on the Markit Registry – giving buyers assurance and interested parties transparency.

The Code is aligned with the core requirements of other international voluntary forest carbon standards and of the Kyoto Protocol.